Evolution (130cc)



Total weight of the motor 9,6 kg
Single-cylinder cooled to air not forced
Cycle 2 times 
* Bore 62 mm 
Run 42 mm
* Piston displacement 127 cc 
* Compression ratio 9.8:1
Feeding with laminar package to 4 petals on the motor Carter 
* Membrabe Walbro carburetor WB32 diam. 24mm
* Belt reduction gear Poly-V with 12  throats reduction ratio 3.7/1
* Continuative normal temperature 220 maximum 250C measured under candle
*  Implantation to the chassis through 4 rubber antivibrating
* Counter-clockwise Sense of spin of forehead to the propeller  
* Maximum rotaion speed 9800 r.p.m.
* Aerbox with air filter
* NGK BP7ES candle for touristic use, for competitive use we recommend colder candle type model B9ES
* Indicative power 17CV to 9500 r.p.m.
* Manual starting to tear
* Carter  fused in aluminum alloy G-A 9 UNI 3051  subsequently  treated  
* Silicon  light alloy cylinder with  carry antiusury  made of Cermental  
* Piston with reinforced superlight  structure  
* Drive shaft in 18 Ni Cr Mo5 
* Connecting rod forged in 18 Ni Cr Mo5 copper plated, coupled  to shaft with  precision roller bearing for highm speed  
* Bench bearings  for high speed. C3 category  
* Viton oil seal lomg lasting amd resistant 
*  Electronic injection